A review of the achievements and results of 2023

Strong values at the core


All companies within the Techint Group share values that guide actions year after year. The safety and health of those who work within the Group and its companies are always top priority.

Likewise, Tenaris, Ternium, Techint Engineering & Construction, Tenova, Tecpetrol, and Humanitas stand out for upholding strong traditions in values such as environmental care, transparency, quality, community, and diversity.

Educational imprint is also one of the most notable features within companies, being a key factor in personal growth and social mobility. Therefore, the Group is present in the communities where it operates through programs such as the Roberto Rocca Technical Schools Network, Scholarships, and the Extra Class program, among other initiatives.

In 2023, the Group invested US$41.6 million in 20 countries, mainly in educational and cultural programs involving more than 500,000 people.

The Roberto Rocca Technical Schools Network (ETRRs) celebrated its tenth anniversary and continues to grow: an example of this is the initiation of the construction of a new ETRR in Santa Cruz, Brazil, in August 2023, which will have a total of 576 vacancies for technical training.

Results of a sustained growth


The companies comprising the Group have international reach and are leaders in their industry; at the same time, each creates its projects and strategies.

The results of 2023 mark encouraging growth: Tenaris increased its sales, totaling USD 14.9 billion, while Ternium reached US$17.6 billion, including Usiminas, the largest steelmaker in Brazil, in which it increased its stake. Now, the Techint Group companies hold 61.3% of the control group's shares. Additionally, Tenaris completed the acquisition of the pipe coating business unit from Mattr (Shawcor).

On the other hand, Techint E&C and Tenova showed significant growth compared to 2022.

In 2023, Tecpetrol achieved better results in production and proven reserves than the previous year. The company further strengthened its presence in the lithium sector by acquiring Alpha Lithium, including additional areas in the Tolillar, Arizaro, and Hombre Muerto salt flats, Argentina.

In Italy, the Humanitas Group has maintained over 1,200,000 unique patients since 2022 and continues to consolidate its care model based on scientific research and technology with a solid patient-centered approach.

The year 2023 has witnessed significant and sustained growth for the Techint Group, reflected in its financial results, the strengthening of its companies, and its ongoing commitment to the core values that guide its actions.