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The Techint Group has a long-standing record of involvement in America’s potential for energy development and integration. With privately held Tecpetrol, the Techint Group is active in the exploration and production of oil and gas fields in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Tecpetrol also participates in the operation of gas transportation companies, among them Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN), Transportadora de Gas del Mercosur (TGM) and Litoral Gas in Argentina, as well as in other energy-related developments. The company also offers maintenance services to Pemex in Mexico, in the Sistema 3 project.

Synergies are achieved with Techint Engineering & Construction, a top-ranking builder of oil and gas pipelines and facilities worldwide. With Tenaris and Ternium as partners Tecpetrol built Central Eléctrica Pesquería, a gas fired combined cycle power plant in northeast Mexico.


The Techint Group invests in oil and gas blocks in Argentina through exploration and production company Tecpetrol.


The Atamisqui and Atuel Norte blocks are acquired in the province of Mendoza, as well as Agua Salada in Río Negro, and Los Bastos and Catriel Viejo in Neuquén, Argentina. In the same year, the company is awarded the José Segundo oilfield in the San Jorge Gulf basin, also in Argentina.


Tecpetrol acquires the El Tordillo block in Comodoro Rivadavia, province of Chubut, and consolidates its presence in the Patagonian region of Argentina.


It is awarded 23% of the natural gas and oil fields of Aguaragüe in Salta, Argentina, with other partners in a joint venture.


Tecpetrol enters Venezuela with a non-operating agreement for the Unidad Quiamare-La Ceiba Unit.


It continues its Exploration and Production (E&P) operations with an agreement for the Colón Unit, in Venezuela.


The hydrocarbons Transport and Distribution Division is created, with focus on the natural gas downstream and midstream business while polyducts and natural gas pickup pipelines and processing plants are added to the business.


Tecpetrol is awarded the Bermejo Area in Ecuador.


The company is awarded the Camisea transportation pipeline business in Peru. The project involves the transportation of NG and LNG and their distribution in Lima for a period of 33 years. A contract with Perupetro is signed for the Camisea block.


Tecpetrol forms a consortium to provide Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) with natural gas production services in the Misión block, located in the Burgos basin in northern Mexico.


Tecpetrol constitutes Baripetrol, a mixed company in association with Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and a further two international oil firms for the exploration and production of the Colón area on the western coast of Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela.


It is awarded the Hickmann exploration area, located in the northwest of the province of Salta. In October it is awarded the Río Colorado area in that same province of Argentina.


Tecpetrol signs a Study Agreement with YPFB for the exploration of the San Telmo Block in Bolivia. An agreement is signed to participate in the exploration, production and development of the Estancia La Mariposa and Lomita de la Costa blocks in Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is awarded three exploratory blocks in Colombia.


Tecpetrol begins the provision of services to check the state of repair and reliability of the Sistema 3 facilities in Mexico. It wins the bid for the exploration and development of Orán, Salta, Argentina. It renegotiates and extends the concessions for Los Bastos and Fortín de Piedra in Neuquén. In Peru, it expands the Natural Gas Transportation System of Camisea to 450 MMcfd, the volume estimated for the year 2016.


Tecpetrol closes on the acquisition of its first exploration and production assets in the United States, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Within the framework of a pilot program, PEMEX awards Tecpetrol the development of Campo Coyotes, in Chicontepec, Mexico. A windmill with 1.5 MW of power is set up in El Tordillo, Argentina.


Petroecuador awards the Libertador field to the Pardaliservices consortium -led by Tecpetrol- and the Shushufindi field to the homonymous consortium, where Tecpetrol has a 25% stake.


Tecpetrol is awarded Loma Ancha, at the Neuquina basin.
The license on the San Jorge Gulf basin fields is extended up until 2047.


Tecpetrol acquires 5 areas at the Neuquina basin: Los Toldos, Loma Ranqueles, Huacalera, Medanito Sur and Rinconada Norte.
The Agua Salada license is extended up until 2025.


Tecpetrol acquired a larger share of TGN.
The licenses for Fortín de Piedra and Punta Senillosa, Neuquén, are extended up until 2051.
In December, Central Eléctrica Pesquería, a 900 MW combined cycle gas power plant in Monterrey, with 30 percent owned by Tecpetrol, 22 percent by Tenaris and 48 percent by Ternium, is inaugurated. With an investment of $1 billion USD, it was designed and built by Techint E&C, and is operated by Tecpetrol while supplying electricity to Ternium and Tenaris in Mexico.


A USD 2.3 billion investment for developing non-conventional resources at the Fortín de Piedra field in Vaca Muerta formation, Argentina, is announced.


By the end of 2018, in Fortín de Piedra field, in Vaca Muerta, Tecpetrol allocates USD 1.6 billion and achieves a level of production of 600 million cubic feet/day. This amount represents 13% of Argentina’s gas production.


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