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Tenova is a worldwide partner for innovative, reliable solutions in the metals and mining industries. Leveraging a staff of more than 3,000 employees across five continents, Tenova shares the long-standing principles of its industrial group and better understands its partners’ needs. The company works alongside client-partners to design and develop innovative technologies and services that improve their business both today and tomorrow, creating solutions that help mining and metal companies reduce costs, save energy, limit environmental impact and improve working conditions for their employees.

Together, the people of Tenova share a strong sense of passion for their work. By channeling this passion through professional expertise, they’re able to anticipate trends and transformations within the industry, helping clients identify and take advantage of new opportunities the moment they’re available. Tenova has earned its position as one of the industry’s most trusted leaders by relying on a distinctive, four-pronged business approach characterized by: innovation, reliability, sustainability and safety.


The Techint Group starts the production of steel structures and heavy mechanical parts in Buenos Aires in order to support its construction and industrial ventures.


Acquisition of Pomini, a leading player on the roll grinders market.


Intersteel Technology, the US company that invented the Consteel technology, joins Techint.


Acquisition of three Italimpianti divisions comprising reheating and heat treatment furnaces, strip processing lines, and material handling systems. The acquisition of Italimpianti also marks the entry of the subsidiaries IT Deutschland and Tagliaferri, a long-standing electric furnace company.


The Techint Group creates the Techint Technologies business area specialized in steel production systems.


Köster, a Germany company specialized in advanced technologies related to oxygen and solid material injection systems for electric arc furnaces, joins Techint Technologies.


The new US EMCI technology for vacuum degassing is acquired.


Techint Technologies acquires Canada's Goodfellow Efsop, a well-known process control system for EAF; Mexico's HYL Technologies, world leader in the supply of gas-based direct reduction plants; and Italy's Presind, a specialist in automation and control systems for strip processing lines. Certain joint ventures are also set up: Techint Semf in Australia, to operate in handling equipment and systems, and Timec in China, a manufacturing facility serving Tenova as well as others customers active in metals and other industries.


With the acquisition of LOI Thermprocess, an international German supplier of high-quality industrial furnaces for the steel and aluminum industry, Techint Technologies becomes the world's leading furnace manufacturer. The acquisition of Austria's Key Solutions, an important player in acid regeneration plants, further enhances the company's pickling lines. Techint Technologies also forms a new joint venture, Techint Hypertherm, with an Indian engineering company in the reheating and strip processing furnace business, and acquires Pyromet, the leading South African company in submerged arc furnaces for the production of ferroalloys. In the same year, Timec, the China-based workshop manufacturing metal and mining industry equipment, begins production.


Techint Technologies is renamed Tenova in order to reaffirm an independent and strong identity in the marketplace. Tenova acquires Germany's TAKRAF, a worldwide leader in open pit mining equipment and systems that complements and strengthens Tenova's bulk materials handling business.


Core Furnace Systems, a leader on the North American market for industrial furnaces and electric smelting/refining furnaces, joins the network.


Tenova's acquisition strategy continues with the entry of: Multiform, the third-largest Indian supplier specialized in cold rolling mills and strip processing lines; and I2S, an American company working in the design and manufacturing of cold rolling mills.


Entry of Germany’s Re Energy, a new company specializing in heat recovery and efficient energy for industrial furnaces. Tenova extends its network into two new countries, with Tenova Vietnam in the steel business and Pomini Tenova Sweden in roll grinders. It also moves into the Chinese mining business with Tenova TAKRAF China.


Tenova acquires Nova Analytical Systems, a company that specializes in extractive-gas analyzers and sample conditioning systems for industrial applications, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Tenova acquires Bateman Engineering N.V., which includes the Delkor group, a leading equipment supplier and engineering house for the mining and metals industry. The company has its main operational office in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a network of permanent international offices located in Australia, India, Russia, Peru, the UK and Chile.


Tenova acquires Metall Technologie Holding (MTH), leading provider of heat treatment furnaces, and Technometal operating in the secondary metallurgy business.


Tenova focuses on consolidation, integrating and agglomerating various companies across the group. In the same year, TAKRAF starts developing HPGR technology (High Pressure Grinding Rolls).


Consolidating further, Tenova sells Bateman Projects, focusing on the equipment and technology sectors through TAKRAF and Delkor, and acquires Material Handling Systems business unit from FMC Technologies, strengthening its position in this business area.


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